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Lakeshore Yoga Studio

Lakeshore Yoga 


. . . a place to find yourself!

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Welcome to

Lakeshore Yoga Studio

A dedicated and passionate group of yoga instructors,

we are here to support you, and your yoga practice.

No matter your age, ability, injury, size or condition, we modify postures as required to encourage students to develop a deeper awareness and steadiness in the classic postures.

See you on the mat!


Carey Burns-Ling, Owner

logo Lakeshore Yoga


Lakeshore Yoga is here for you seven days a week,

offering yoga classes, meditation, massage therapy, workshops, and community events.

What you can expect to feel when you leave their class ...

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Joyce Borst, Restorative Yoga Instructor

Joyce Borst

The Nurturer

"I physically feel calmer and yet energized. My breath has changed the way I feel as I slowly come back from my deep-rooted, peaceful place. The cherry on the sundae is that head wrap during savasana!"

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Image Carey Burns-Ling

Carey Burns-Ling

The Inspirer

"A sigh of relief, my body feels relaxed and empowered from the inside out. The belief of stress has now vanished. I am my true self once again. I am present with my breath, and I know

I have all I need."

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Image Jane Donnelly

Jane Donnelly

The Harmonizer

"I am grounded.

I feel as though I’ve been polished and cleansed from the inside out.

Through intention, breath and movement, I’ve returned home to my true Self."

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Elizabeth Furtaw

The Dreamer

"When I close my eyes and tune into my breath, I find my brave - daring to dream and live fully from the inside out.

Opening to all that this life has to offer, and more."

Favorite pose - Eka Pada Galavasana

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Image Michaela Hekkema

Michaela Hekkema

The Lover

"I feel centered and strong while consciously breathing. My lungs expand wholly, followed by clearing. Sweetly becoming naturally high, all pervading LOVE flows freely in my mind. Peace lives on forevermore. When searching inside, I find the door."

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Image Melissa Olinghouse

Melissa Olinghouse

The Light Bearer

"I hear the voice of my truest self and feel my strength and courage to live my truth. I feel my inner light and I recognize the light of others.

Divinely connected in learning and love."

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Image Melissa Vannette

Melissa Vannette

The Empowerer

"I feel energetically balanced, physically light, and emotionally open. I have a greater sense of awareness of my body and my thoughts, and I feel grounded and aligned in my truth. I am filled with confidence, self-love, and gratitude."

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