Yoga Instructor - Micheala Hekkema, RYT

Michaela Hekkema, RYT recognized her journey while participating in a 200 hour Yoga program created and led by Hilaire Lockwood. Lockwood’s teachings stem from traditional lineage passed on through Maty Ezraty. Michaela does her best to honor this lineage through both living and instructing within the discipline of alignment in flow, the eight limbs of Yoga, as well as Bhakti Yoga which is the devotion to love.

Currently she is participating in an additional 100 hours of experience to help further her knowledge. The certification requirements offered through Hilltop Yoga has led to her understanding that lessons come through experience. Patience and dreaming with discipline to follow through has led to her success with living in purpose. She has many teachers, life being the most prominent.

Michaela continues to do her best practicing Yoga mostly every day. This practice is not always the Hatha flow we experience in class, but also practicing the mindfulness within thought and action. She has begun to understand how the language Love speaks through many forms. Her wish is to share this awareness with the world. To recognize the love and light that shines uniquely though each of us we can find that there is no difference. As a yoga class, a community, and as a people we can learn to support one another towards living life with grace.