Yoga Instructor - Melissa Olinghouse, RYT

Melissa Olinghouse, RYT found yoga in 2013. During her first class, while lying in shavasana, she realized that relaxation was something very difficult and foreign to her. Her mind had never had an opportunity to slow down. Melissa soon realized a yoga practice was something more than exercise and something for body, mind, and spirit. Her yoga mat quickly became a sacred space.

As she continued with each new class, something inside began to shift. She began to feel more relaxed, healthier, more energized … and her nerves were calmer. Melissa became more aware of her actions and reactions in all areas of life.

She pursued teacher training in the summer of 2015 with Hilaire Lockwood of Hilltop Yoga in Lansing Michigan. Hilaire's training program was traditional, holistic, and alignment based.

Yoga’s journey has allowed Melissa to continue her quest toward her best self and she is delighted to share the practice of yoga to help bring balance into the lives of her students.