Yoga Instructor - Melanie Walters, CYI

Melanie Walters received her yoga certification at Balance Your Body Yoga in Houston, Texas. There she learned about the importance of alignment in poses and balance in the body to make yoga a healing practice. She furthered her teaching training at YogaFit and Hemalaya Behl's Bollywood Vinyasa Yoga.

Melanie's teaching style evolved while teaching yoga at Niamoves, a studio embracing dance as a meditative exercise for overall health. This dance influence, infused with the yoga training, created a unique style that focuses on breath connecting with movement as a meditative dance. Melanie views yoga as an interpretation of life, helping her students find awareness and insights to experience life more fully. She finds yoga to be beneficial, believing that the practice of yoga opens the body, opens the heart, and connects one to spirit.

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