Yoga Instructor - Joyce Borst, CYI - Restorative Yoga

Joyce Borst, CYI joined Lakeshore Yoga in 2015. She brings her warmth as our Restorative Yoga Instructor. Her gentle and supportive approach leaves you feeling refreshed and revitalized!

"I ventured into my first yoga class with Charlie on a Saturday morning, eight years ago. And thus began my physical and spiritual path. It has not been a lightning bolt of energy experience, but a slow steady path to contentment and happiness. Yoga hasn’t built strength in me—it has revealed the strength in me that was already there, awaiting my discovery!"

Joyce incorporates Reiki I & II  and LaHoChi energy work into her teaching to gently seal in all of your relaxing hard work. She received her certification training for Restorative Yoga from Lisa Bergley, who owns The Spirit of the Lake yoga studio in Minnesota.

"I love restorative yoga. It has brought much needed calm and peace to my life, quietly and gently."

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