Yoga Instructor - Chandra Jennings, RYT

Chandra Jennings became a yoga teacher to offer classes for those looking for healing on their own mats. Understanding firsthand the value—peace and calmthat a regular yoga practice can provide, she enjoys teaching power/hot, kid's, chair, and yoga nidra classes, emphasizing both anatomy and mindfulness.

Chandra spends two days each week volunteering at the Harbor Humane Society in West Olive.

Her passion mission includes:

•  dog walking

•  cat socialization

•  kennel cleaning

•  performing background checks on prospective pet parents

Volunteerism keeps her ground, has inspired her artwork pieces, and makes her feel great!

Her love of animals is one of her greatest passions—both wildlife and pets. This love translates into how she spends her free time. It lead her to the adoption of Boudreaux, a terrier who has been a thrill to have as a beloved family member.

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