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"Back to Self"
Special price of $8 per class.
Buy as many as you can use by September 30th!

Sunday Candlelight Yoga
begins at 7pm!
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Thai Massage Teacher Training will continue at the discounted rate of $380.
Payment plans available!

No classes will be held this Saturday 8:30AM or 10:00AM or Sunday at 1:00PM due to the
Thai Massage  Teacher Training course with Michael McCarthy. Our 7:00 PM candlelight yoga will still be held Sunday 9/14.

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Warning: Infectious Bliss found at Lakeshore Yoga

Welcome home!

We offer community. A feeling of connection. Unconditional love.
Let's breathe.
Let's breathe together.
Let's breathe together in unity.
Let's become more mindful in making the best choices for our family, friends and most of all, our sweet self.
Times are changing and my intention is to be in service of the light, the light that is in each one of us. Many times over again, what happens is a disconnection of the light, when we get busy, when we are in worry and fear … yes so many distractions that keep us from our beautiful truth. My perception of truth is to remember our journey of love, joyous movement, breath, community and how our wholeness and connection is what we come back to in our yoga practice.

Join us on the mat!
Carey Burns, Owner

Did you know that HSA accounts may cover your yoga classes if you have a written script from your physician?

Read what the Mayo Clinic is saying about the health benefits of yoga.
To learn more, WebMD news notes research in Yoga Easing Fibromyalgia Pain.
Yoga Practice Beneficial to Patients with COPD, says
Ask your doctor if you have a health condition that might benefit from a regualr yoga practice.

"After an auto accident I began regular chiropractic care and weekly massage. The addition of Karri's weekly Rest & Restore Yoga classes made my spine stronger. I can't say enough good about how the three modalities have worked together for optimal healing."  —Spring Lake Yogi

Thank you for all your beautiful energy that makes Lakeshore Yoga such a special place for healing!